This website is about creating connections and matching my offer with your needs. It is about co-creating, as we jointly identify the areas of leverage for you and work towards applying tailor-made solutions. This website is also about inter-connections as, while answering your needs, I might point you to someone who has a more complete answer to what you express than I do. And it is about co-creating new forms and cultures of collaboration - I am increasingly interested in joining hands with individuals and organisations in working to create space for growth and reconciliation.

Individual coaching

Coaching is a tool to support in a structured way the work on clarifying the coachee’s Intent, identifying the stumbling blocks, grievances and impediments, as well as recognising and strengthening the coachee’s resources to develop eventually an Action Plan and equip the coachee with strategies, which will allow him/her to continue the journey towards fulfilment of the Intent on his/her own.

Team coaching

The word TEAM can be translated into “Together Everyone Achieves More”. However, not each group of work mates is a team. To allow the organisation to fulfil its vision and realise its potential, a team of creative, self-driven individuals whose relationship is based on mutual trust is indispensable.

Customised Trainings

In dialogue with you, I can develop customised training to address directly your needs, the challenges you are facing and aim at providing solutions in line with the Intent of your organisation.


I offer workshops/webinars on communication, negotiation techniques and soft skills. Please, consult the Calendar or get in touch with me to discuss a tailormade workshop which you may need.                                 


Some decision making processes may prove difficult when the parties are so deeply engaged and committed to their positions that they cannot find common ground.I am willing to use my facilitation skills to support you in identifying common interests, shared values and language or actions you can jointly envisage to agree on. Please, contact me to discuss the details.                                                                               


At a certain stage of personal or organisational maturity, you might want to contribute to supporting others in fulfilling their Intent, by sharing your experience, knowledge and network.

Death Cafe

Since February 2014, I have hosted more than 10 meetings, where in the leisurely atmosphere of a café we discuss what it means to face death. The aim of the meetings is making the most of our (finite) lives.