My background is in Law. My first love and passion was the EU project which I learned about at the age of 17, back in 1992 when Poland was coming to terms with the long legacy of Communism. My passion resulted in me specialising in EU law and eventually arriving in Brussels in February 2004, when I was accepted as a Blue Book trainee in the Directorate General for Environment of the European Commission, in the Legal and Governance Unit. I had the opportunity to work as the first generation of Polish assistants in the European Parliament, running the office for an MEP. Next, I had a Contract Agent assignment in the Directorate General for Agriculture, where I focused on GMOs. On my return to Poland, I ran an International Cooperation Department in the Ministry of the Environment and was deeply involved in multilateral negotiations on sustainable development (Rio+20 process).

In parallel, I started to work on healing my family relations and tracking grievances, which I carried in my heart. With time, this second passion for healing and communication became my first.

Now, my calling is to combine my insight in the dynamics of large organisations with my experience in guiding personal growth in order to help individuals, groups and organisations realise their full potential.