Welcome! I am interested in interacting with you. You may want to choose to face the challenges you encounter on your path as an individual or that your organisation faces by taking a targeted action (see services). I am prepared to engage with you in a dialogue, to clarify your intent, determine your needs and look into the most suitable solutions.

As in the consensus reality in which we are operating, money is the most common form of remuneration, I work for money. However, I am interested in open dialogue about what is feasible for you in this area. What counts for me is that money will not be an obstacle in the project of co-creating the space for growth and reconciliation.

I am also interested in combining efforts with you to co-create the healing centre in Milanówek at Mała.

I can communicate with you in Polish (mother tongue), English, German and French (despite my C1 certificate from Alliance Francaise I do not fully trust my French, however) and Russian (very basic).